Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dr Oz: Silent Reflux Diagnosis + Silent Mucus Peppermint Home Remedy


Dr Oz: Hidden Cough Culprits

Could there be secrets lurking in your nagging cough? For one Dr. Oz fan, this was definitely the case. Paula recorded her friend Vanessa’s constant coughing and sent it to Dr. Oz, who got to the bottom of the issue.

Dr Oz: Silent Mucus Peppermint Home Remedy

Dr. Oz’s first cough culprit was silent mucus. Originating from allergies, mucus irritates the throat and causes coughing. Then, the cough itself begins to irritate the throat, which creates a vicious cycle.

In order to get rid of silent mucus, try removing dairy from your diet. You can also try an easy and effective peppermint home remedy. Just add five drops of peppermint oil to two cups of boiling water. Cover your head with a towel and breathe deeply into the steam. The steam opens the airways, and the peppermint works to soothe the throat.

Dr Oz: Silent Reflux Symptoms

Cough culprit number two was silent reflux, a problem that many people don’t realize they have. Ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr. Moshe Ephrat explained that post-nasal drip and acid reflux are the two most common causes of coughing. However, if people don’t experience heartburn, they often rule out acid reflux.

Symptoms of acid reflux include a lump in the throat, intermittent throat clearing, hoarseness, and redness.

Dr Oz: Silent Reflux Diagnosis

Dr. Ephrat looked down into Vanessa’s throat and found that the back of her throat was extremely red and swollen. She definitely suffered from acid reflux without even knowing it.

Dr. Oz had three recommendations for treating silent reflux: avoid food three hours before bedtime, avoid fried foods and carbonated beverages, and drink chamomile tea.

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